Sargent at Harvard, Harvard University Art Museums Bulletin, vol. 7, no.14

Sargent at Harvard, Harvard University Art Museums Bulletin, vol. 7, no.14
Miriam Stewart and Kerry Schauber
ISBN 1065-6448
88 pages;
8-1/2x11 in.
14 color and 67 b&w illustrations

In honor of 1999’s “Summer of Sargent,” which included the Fogg exhibition Sargent in the Studio: Drawings, Sketchbooks, and Oil Sketches (June 10–September 4), this publication gathered essays by curatorial staff, conservators, and art historians that explore John Singer Sargent’s Harvard connections: the murals he completed for Widener Library memorializing the World War I dead; the 35 sketchbooks and 5 albums his sisters gave to the Fogg after his death; and recent conservation work on a Fogg-owned model that Sargent used in planning his mural series for the Boston Public Library. The issue is an important addition to the growing research on this renowned American artist.

“Sargent’s Legacy: An American Inheritance,” by Melinda Linderer
Discusses the dissemination of works from Sargent’s estate by his sisters Emily Sargent and Violet Ormond, including a descriptive list of inventory numbers compiled by Sargent’s associate and executor Thomas Fox to identify preparatory works for Sargent’s mural projects.

Catalogue of Sketchbooks and Albums by John Singer Sargent at the Fogg Art Museum,” by Miriam Stewart and Kerry Schauber

John Singer Sargent’s Use of Scale Models for his Triumph of Religion Murals (1890–1919) at the Boston Public Library,” and “Sargent’s Scale Model for the Trinity Lunette and the Frieze of Angels: Examination and Conservation,” by Katherine Olivier

Reconstruction of Sargent’s Scale Model for the Crucifix,” by Nancy Lloyd
Focusing on the fragments of a one-third scale model in the Fogg’s collection, these studies by conservators at the Harvard Art Museums’ Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies examine Sargent’s use of preparatory models for his Boston Public Library mural project. The technical examination and treatment of the model sections—last exhibited in 1927—and the finished panels are discussed in detail.

The Art of Selling War: Sargent’s World War I Murals for Harvard University,” by Jane Dini
Analyzes the sources and cultural contexts for Sargent’s murals in Harvard’s Widener Library, Coming of the Americans and Death and Victory, 1921–22.

Miriam Stewart is assistant curator of drawings and Kerry Schauber is a former curatorial assistant in Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts at the Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum.