The Busch-Reisinger Museum: History and Holdings

The Busch-Reisinger Museum: History and Holdings
Peter Nisbet and Emilie Norris
ISBN 0-916724-79-4
125 pages;
5-1/2x9-1/2 in.
47 color and 78 b&w illustrations

The Busch-Reisinger Museum at Harvard is the only museum in North America devoted to the art of German-speaking Europe. Richly illustrated with archival photographs, architectural studies, and great works by such artists as Beckmann, Kandinsky, Klee, and Klimt from the Busch collections, this book—published on the occasion of the opening of Werner Otto Hall, new home of the Busch-Reisinger—mixes original documents from the museum’s past with new descriptions of its collections, architecture, and exhibition history. It includes a complete chronology from 1901, a list of exhibitions since 1930, and a selected bibliography of works on the museum and its collections.

Peter Nisbet is Daimler-Benz Curator of the Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum; Emilie Norris is a former Busch-Reisinger assistant curator.