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Materials Lab

Public Workshops

The Materials Lab offers public workshops that provide opportunities for people to explore art making as a means of learning and knowing. The workshops are developed around themes that are generally inspired by an exhibition or a particular material or process. They generally consist of two-hour sessions with experts that combine close looking at art and hands-on experimentation. Workshop information is available through the online calendar. (You can filter for “workshops” in the dropdown menu above the calendar.)

Upcoming Workshops
Direct Animation & Cameraless Filmmaking

Past Workshops
Spring 2018
Direct Animation & Cameraless Filmmaking
Direct Animation & Cameraless Filmmaking
Byzantine Tapestry Weaving

Fall 2017
Exploring Natural Dyes with Zapotec Master Dyer and Weaver Porfirio Gutiérrez
Optical Devices in Science and Art in Early Modern Times
Dutch Old Master Drawing Materials and Techniques
Shell Bead Carving with Elizabeth James-Perry

Spring 2017
Shaping Chinese Jun Ware
“Drawing with Scissors”—Matisse’s Painted Paper Technology
Islamic Papermaking

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015
Plaster (in Fresco Painting)
Plaster (in Sculpture)