Here for the Long Haul

Plastic degrades more quickly than many other materials. So how can we ensure that works made from plastic remain in prime condition?

Preserving the Passage of Time

Extensive study and a thoughtful conservation approach have enriched the story of a 15th-century panel painting by Lluís Borrassà.

By Anna Lin-Schweitzer

A Layered History

Recent analysis and conservation of an 18th-century bust of William Pitt, by Joseph Wilton, led to some important discoveries. The work is featured in our Philosophy Chamber exhibition.

The Gettens Cabinet

While it may look outdated, this Straus Center object is an important modern-day resource.

By Anna Lin-Schweitzer

The Science of Ceramics

A multidisciplinary team is conducting groundbreaking research on numbered Jun ware.

In Focus: Materials Lab

Art appreciation and investigation intersect in the Materials Lab, a one-of-a-kind studio space in the Harvard Art Museums.

Uniting Art and Science, Maille Radford Scores a Harvard First

Maille Radford knows the Harvard Art Museums better than most; the graduating Harvard College senior just completed an internship in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies and has been a Student Board member since her freshman year. She’s also the first student to graduate from Har...

Microclimates in the Museums

Certain objects in the museums’ collections require display and storage conditions tailored to their individual needs. That’s where “microclimates” come in.

Straight from the Artists

Conservator-led artist interviews shed light on objects in the museums’ collections.

The Impossible, Made Real

How does an artist turn a seemingly impossible idea into reality? How do we ensure that future generations can view art made from ephemeral materials? Those questions are at the heart of curators and conservators’ joint approach to A Flor de Piel (2013), a work featured in the special exhibition Dor...