Showing Teens the Human Side of Art

Having spent the past year working at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School through our Graduate Student Teacher program, a teacher reflects on how we can best engage teens with art museums.

By Laura Angelich

Summer School for Scholars in Training

Through the Summer Institute for Technical Studies in Art, emerging art historians gain crucial experience with object-based investigations.

A Guide Who Hopes the Group — and the Art — Talk Back

Marshall Scholar Elizabeth Keto ’18 is looking forward to a career as a curator, with a focus on inclusivity.

Hats Off to Our Graduating Guides

Congratulations to our graduating student guides, many of whom have led public tours for more than half their time at Harvard.

A Goodbye to the Seniors on Our Student Board

We bid a fond farewell to the graduating members of our Student Board, who served as ambassadors to the campus community and advisors for the museums.

Landmark Occasion

Special events and other programs throughout 2018 will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the San Biagio Church complex in Montepulciano, Italy—which has a unique connection to our Calderwood Courtyard.

Working Knowledge

In January, Harvard Extension School students got an in-depth look at managing and maintaining the collections of the Harvard Art Museums.

Expert Guidance

As part of their training, our student guides learn to discuss and investigate works of art with curators, conservators, and other experts.

A Colorful Tradition

Natural dyes created by Mexico’s indigenous Zapotec community were recently added to the Forbes Pigment Collection. A December workshop showcased how to make dyes used in the Zapotec weaving tradition.

Prints to Rent—and Relish

Eloise Lynton was lucky enough to spend her summer taking a closer look at works available in our Student Print Rental Program.