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This unpainted caramel-colored wooden sculpture depicts a slender man with a long curly beard, dressed in robes, a cape, and a hat. Both hands have broken off at the wrist.

Art Talk: The Wood and the Worms

Curatorial fellow Gabriella Szalay explores the intricacies of 15th- and 16th-century carved wooden altarpieces and their vulnerability to time.

This image shows the reverse of a bronze handheld mirror with a lightly incised decoration. The main body is round with a raised edge, and there is a long, diagonal tear on the lower section. A tang extends from the body but there is no handle.

Art Talk: Mirror, Mirror—Reflections on the Etruscans and Their Afterlife

Curatorial fellow Frances Gallart Marqués explores a group of ancient bronze mirrors and the enduring legacy of the people who made them.

Staff Picks: What Kids of All Ages Can Read, Watch, and Listen to While at Home (Part 5)

Harvard Art Museums staff share their favorite art-related books, podcasts, and small-screen picks geared for kids of all ages.

This framed painting shows an older white man in a tuxedo holding a cigarette. At rgiht, the image is reflected in the glass of a gallery.

Art Talk: Max Beckmann’s Self-Portrait in Tuxedo

Curator Lynette Roth examines Max Beckmann’s Self-Portrait in Tuxedo (1927) and the ongoing fascination with this enigmatic painting.

A split-screen image shows on the left six prints in a grid-like pattern: three rows include two colored circular prints each on a square gray background. On the right, a young woman wearing a navy sweatshirt and black apron sits at a table with her hands folded, a bulletin board of artist tools behind her.

Art Talk: Dan Flavin’s Relief Aquatint Technique

Join Christina Taylor to discover the relief aquatint printing technique that artist Dan Flavin used to create Untitled (Paper Disc).

At left, a young woman gestures in front of a large expressionist triptych painting. Two people sit on a bench with their backs to the viewer, and a young person is standing at far right. The painting shows many colorful, shadowy figures in a performance.

Virtual Student Guide Tours

Join us live on Zoom for interactive, thematic tours led by Harvard undergraduates from the Ho Family Student Guide Program!

An overview of a wooden tabletop shows the top edges of a group of books, a yellow Post-It note, and a set of keys on a metal ring. Leaves from a potted plant appear slightly out of focus at the top and right. The Post-It note displays the following bullet points in graphite: shower, get dressed, eat.

Staff Picks: What Art Enthusiasts Can Read, Watch, and Listen To While at Home (Part 4)

Harvard Art Museums staff share their favorite art-related books, podcasts, and small-screen picks.

A mummiform figurine of blue faience (ceramic) has painted details in black ink, with a vertical hieroglyphic inscription at the front.

Art Talk: The Ushabti of Princess Maatkare

Join graduate student Inês Torres to learn about the aesthetics and function of ancient Egyptian funerary figurines called ushabtis.

Four college-age students—three women and one man—stand in a gallery looking at a tall wheeled metal sculpture made of bars, curved arcs, and square forms, painted black. Abstract paintings are on the walls nearby.

Art Talk: Doorway on Wheels and David Smith’s Sculptural Practice

Curator Sarah Kianovsky discusses how David Smith revolutionized sculptural practice, looking closely at his work Doorway on Wheels from 1960.