The Fruits of Forbes’s Travels

What began as an interest in painting led to Edward Waldo Forbes’s extensive travel in England and Italy and an education in connoisseurship, artists’ materials, and techniques.

By Michelle Interrante

Reunited with a “Transcendent” Figure

Childhood summers spent getting to know the sculpture Prince Shōtoku at Age Two left a lifelong impression on Harvard graduate Walter C. Sedgwick.

Engaged at the Intersections

Graduating senior Mahnoor Ali has been devoted to exploring intercultural relations and expanding dialogue throughout her time at Harvard.

A Model City

Virtual renderings and three-dimensional models of structures at the Sardis excavation, created by Harvard architecture students, show new aspects of the site.

The “Time is Now” for Teaching about Art

Curatorial fellow Jen Thum shares her experience of introducing a recent photography exhibition to elementary school kids.

By Jen Thum

With Help from Students, Print Rental Program Adds New Works

At a print fair in New York, two senior Student Board members assisted with acquiring works for the museums’ Student Print Rental Collection.

By Mitchell Johns, Maia Suazo-Maler

Celebrating Our Year Together

Thanks to your support, it has been a tremendous year at the Harvard Art Museums. Before ringing in the new year, we take a look back at all that we’ve accomplished.

Listening with Jace Clayton

Clayton writes about his conception of his current Lightbox Gallery installation and his experience as a visiting artist at the museums.

Tag Along on a Tour: Gifford’s Leander’s Tower on the Bosporus

Harvard senior and student tour guide Mahnoor Ali discusses Sanford Robinson Gifford’s Leander’s Tower on the Bosporus.

Warm Welcomes to Go Along with the Art

A day in the life of one of our Visitor Services staff encompasses everything from guiding guests to the galleries to selling merchandise in our shop.