Mobile Images from 19th-Century Iran

A rare album of artists’ drawings, preparatory sketches, and more helped shape our new exhibition about art in 19th-century Iran.

A Layered History

Recent analysis and conservation of an 18th-century bust of William Pitt, by Joseph Wilton, led to some important discoveries. The work is featured in our Philosophy Chamber exhibition.

The Science of Ceramics

A multidisciplinary team is conducting groundbreaking research on numbered Jun ware.

Persepolis from a Photographer’s Perspective

New installations of vintage photographs bring a fresh perspective on the excavation of the ancient city of Persepolis.

Case Studies

Experimenting with 3D-printed models helps our staff nail down exhibition design.

A Catalogue at Long Last

The Philosophy Chamber: Art and Science in Harvard’s Teaching Cabinet, 1766–1820, a new publication accompanying the special exhibition of the same name, represents an innovative approach toward an eclectic collection.

Persian Art, by Way of Florence

A new exhibition this summer highlights Bernard Berenson’s collection of illustrated Persian manuscripts.

Jun Ware’s Imperial Past

A recent visit to China aided curators’ research for the exhibition Adorning the Inner Court: Jun Ware for the Chinese Palace, opening May 20. 

A Revealing Juxtaposition

By comparing color in two different portraits, a Harvard undergraduate provided fresh insights for the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

Gifts and Grants Create New Opportunities

Significant gifts and grants recently received from major foundations, institutions, and an individual donor will provide breakthrough support for teaching and learning initiatives and exhibitions in the coming years.