A Page Out of History

Fernando Bryce’s The Book of Needs re-creates selected pages from a postwar publication whose themes remain hauntingly relevant today.

Adding Voices to Harvard’s Past

Now showing in the Lightbox Gallery, No More, America engages with the Philosophy Chamber exhibition by reimagining a controversial scene from Harvard’s past.

By Grant Hamming

Looking for Patterns

A unique wallpaper-covered room in our Philosophy Chamber exhibition gives visitors a sense of how the original space might have looked.

By Anna Lin-Schweitzer

Mobile Images from 19th-Century Iran

A rare album of artists’ drawings, preparatory sketches, and more helped shape our new exhibition about art in 19th-century Iran.

A Layered History

Recent analysis and conservation of an 18th-century bust of William Pitt, by Joseph Wilton, led to some important discoveries. The work is featured in our Philosophy Chamber exhibition.

The Science of Ceramics

A multidisciplinary team is conducting groundbreaking research on numbered Jun ware.

Persepolis from a Photographer’s Perspective

New installations of vintage photographs bring a fresh perspective on the excavation of the ancient city of Persepolis.

Case Studies

Experimenting with 3D-printed models helps our staff nail down exhibition design.

A Catalogue at Long Last

The Philosophy Chamber: Art and Science in Harvard’s Teaching Cabinet, 1766–1820, a new publication accompanying the special exhibition of the same name, represents an innovative approach toward an eclectic collection.

Persian Art, by Way of Florence

A new exhibition this summer highlights Bernard Berenson’s collection of illustrated Persian manuscripts.