Ancient Forms in Modern Times

Although our Animal-Shaped Vessels exhibition focuses primarily on ancient works, a number of modern examples attest to the enduring appeal of these unique forms of drinkware.

Listening with Jace Clayton

Clayton writes about his conception of his current Lightbox Gallery installation and his experience as a visiting artist at the museums.

New Books Hit the Shelves

Make room on your bookshelf—four new publications are out from the Harvard Art Museums this fall and early winter.

Exceptional Vessels

Those who helped put together our Animal-Shaped Vessels exhibition share a bit about their favorite works in the show.

Géricault’s “Stone Paper”

In preparing for the exhibition Mutiny: Works by Géricault, conservators and conservation scientists combined historical research, close looking, scientific analysis, and artistic re-creations to better understand “stone paper,” a printing surface that Géricault used as an alternative to limestone.

Looking Forward: The Bauhaus and Harvard

Laura Muir, curator of the upcoming special exhibition The Bauhaus and Harvard, recently sat down with us to discuss the enduring appeal of the Bauhaus and Harvard’s place in its history.

The Mysteries of Prince Shōtoku

As we prepare for a 2019 exhibition about this remarkable 13th-century sculpture, curators and conservators are seeking answers to longstanding questions about the object.

A Clearer View

In preparation for our Animal-Shaped Vessels exhibition, conservators pioneered a treatment to reduce staining on, and enhance the interpretation of, an ancient Greek jar.

Scenes from James Baldwin’s World

A new exhibition at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, curated by Makeda Best, celebrates and expands the conversation around James Baldwin’s life and career.

Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World: Feasting with Gods, Heroes, and Kings

In this video, curator Susanne Ebbinghaus introduces our new special exhibition.