A Clearer View of the Collections

Curatorial staff recently completed a comprehensive survey of all works in the collections, gaining a fine-tuned understanding of our strengths and goals.

Back on the Wall

A recently installed wall painting fragment offers a glimpse into life at an ancient Roman villa.

By Elizabeth Molacek

Here for the Long Haul

Plastic degrades more quickly than many other materials. So how can we ensure that works made from plastic remain in prime condition?

Preserving the Passage of Time

Extensive study and a thoughtful conservation approach have enriched the story of a 15th-century panel painting by Lluís Borrassà.

By Anna Lin-Schweitzer

Mobile Images from 19th-Century Iran

A rare album of artists’ drawings, preparatory sketches, and more helped shape our new exhibition about art in 19th-century Iran.

A Burst of Creativity

Virtuosic drawings from the early Dutch Golden Age, selected from the esteemed collection of Maida and George Abrams, are on view for a limited time.

An Expansion of Space in “The Built Environment”

Three curators collaborated on a new contemporary art installation, “The Built Environment.”

By Anna Lin-Schweitzer

A Crash Course in Museum Collecting

One of our curatorial fellows shares highlights from a recent workshop on collecting, held at the Harvard Art Museums and in Paris.

By Austėja Mackelaitė

Focus on Feinberg: Maruyama-Shijō Painting

Standout works from our latest installation of the Robert S. and Betsy G. Feinberg Collection.

Carl Grossberg in Context

A two-part installation of works from the Merrill C. Berman Collection showcases the creativity of German artist Carl Grossberg.