Hell through the Ages

A number of installations this winter and spring are organized around the theme of hell, forging unexpected connections across histories, geographies, and cultures.

Inventur: An Introduction from the Curator

Curator Lynette Roth introduces our special exhibition Inventur—Art in Germany, 1943–55.

Install in Action: Fernando Bryce’s The Book of Needs

Watch as our team hangs the 81 ink-on-paper drawings that make up Fernando Bryce’s The Book of Needs.

Putting It Together

Planning our special exhibition Inventur required extensive institutional research and in-depth conversations with artists and their heirs.

A Page Out of History

Fernando Bryce’s The Book of Needs re-creates selected pages from a postwar publication whose themes remain hauntingly relevant today.

Reigning over a Hellish Bureaucracy

Monumental Chinese paintings illustrating mythological scenes of the Ten Kings of Hell recently underwent significant conservation abroad.

By Wai Yee Chiong, Penley Knipe

A Clearer View of the Collections

Curatorial staff recently completed a comprehensive survey of all works in the collections, gaining a fine-tuned understanding of our strengths and goals.

Back on the Wall

A recently installed wall painting fragment offers a glimpse into life at an ancient Roman villa.

By Elizabeth Molacek

Here for the Long Haul

Plastic degrades more quickly than many other materials. So how can we ensure that works made from plastic remain in prime condition?

Preserving the Passage of Time

Extensive study and a thoughtful conservation approach have enriched the story of a 15th-century panel painting by Lluís Borrassà.

By Anna Lin-Schweitzer