Sargent’s Colorful Past

New research into a palette used by John Singer Sargent shines a brighter light on objects in the museums’ collections.

Friendly Exchanges — Van Gogh and More

Over the past few years, the Harvard Art Museums have exchanged a number of high-profile works with peer institutions in the United States and abroad.

Unprecedented Exposure

The special exhibition Analog Culture brings into sharp focus the world of darkroom photography and the collaborative relationship between printer and photographer.

It’s a Wash

As odd as it sounds, some works on paper get a water bath—and it’s completely safe.

A Glimpse into the Dutch Golden Age

Exceptional examples of 17th-century Dutch Golden Age paintings—part of a major recent gift from collectors Peter and Anne Brooke—are currently on view.

By A. Cassandra Albinson, Jessie Park

The Lasting Power of Paik’s Art

Our upcoming exhibition Nam June Paik: Screen Play showcases the breadth and diversity of works by this pioneering artist.

Fernando Bryce on History and Hope

Artist Fernando Bryce sat down with us to discuss his artistic practice and his installation The Book of Needs (2015), on view through May 6.

Landmark Occasion

Special events and other programs throughout 2018 will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the San Biagio Church complex in Montepulciano, Italy—which has a unique connection to our Calderwood Courtyard.

The Women Artists of Inventur

Curator Lynette Roth explains how her research for the exhibition Inventur—Art in Germany, 1943–55 led her to lesser-known women artists.

Just in Time

Works by Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey demonstrate the impact of early photography on our concept of truth, time, and movement.

By Becca Voelcker