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A Journey with the Pre-Raphaelites and Beyond

As with writing a book, curating a gallery involves multiple drafts—the first might be sensible and logical, but the final draft, if successful, is nuanced, offers surprising turns, and plays with core themes.  All of these can be said of the installation plan for the Pre-Raphaelite gallery in&...


Accessible Texts: Exhibiting Ruscha

“Publications like Edward Ruscha’s were not meant to be displayed in glass cases,” said Jennifer Quick, Research Assistant in the Division of Modern and Contemporary Art, and PhD candidate at Harvard’s History of Art and Architecture Department. Quick, who is writing her dissertation on Ruscha,&...


Artist Letters: Georgia O’Keeffe

In a recent visit to our Archives, we happened upon this beautifully handwritten letter from Georgia O’Keeffe to Edward Forbes, the Fogg Museum’s former director. In the letter, O’Keeffe writes how she was pleased when her husband Alfred Stieglitz told her that Forbes “enjoyed her paintings...

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