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An Artist in the Lightbox

Ben Rivers is the first visiting artist invited to create work specifically for the Lightbox Gallery, the museums’ space dedicated to digital research and development. His installation The Shape of Things is on view through October 25, 2016. 


Celebrating Fellows

Fellows have played an important role in the life of the museums over the last year; we bid farewell to a number of them this summer, and prepare to welcome a new cohort in the fall.


Experiments with Cinema

This summer’s weekly Experiments with Cinema series highlights the cutting-edge creative work of students, anthropologists, and artists from Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab. 


The Inside View

The popularity of our architecture tour proves that visitors are still fascinated by the museums’ history and renovation. Article snippet: “I think people are excited to be inside this great building, and they’re just fascinated to learn more about it.”

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