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Learning from Tillmans

Olivia Crough, a Ph.D. student in Harvard’s Department of Visual and Environmental Studies and a 2015–16 graduate intern in the Division of Modern and Contemporary Art, gained hands-on curatorial experience as she helped organize the exhibition Folding, Refraction, Touch: Modern and Contemporary Art...


Celebrating Fellows

Fellows have played an important role in the life of the museums over the last year; we bid farewell to a number of them this summer, and prepare to welcome a new cohort in the fall.


Hotspots in the Museums

The Harvard Art Museums’ new Hotspots digital tour introduces visitors to six key objects or object collections, including ancient Chinese ritual bronzes, the Stoughton Cup, and László Moholy-Nagy’s 1930 Light Prop for an Electric Stage (Light-Space Modulator).


Collecting the Bauhaus

On Tuesday, May 6, Laura Muir, research curator for academic and public programs at the Harvard Art Museums, will speak at Historic New England’s Otis House in Boston. She will discuss how the Busch-Reisinger Museum, with the aid of architect Walter Gropius, came to assemble a great collection of Ba...

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