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The Mysteries of Prince Shōtoku

As we prepare for a 2019 exhibition about this remarkable 13th-century sculpture, curators and conservators are seeking answers to longstanding questions about the object.

A Clearer View

In preparation for our Animal-Shaped Vessels exhibition, conservators pioneered a treatment to reduce staining on, and enhance the interpretation of, an ancient Greek jar.

Tag Along on a Tour: Bierstadt’s Lander’s Peak

Harvard senior and student tour guide Isabella Beroutsos discusses Albert Bierstadt’s 1863 painting Rocky Mountains, “Lander’s Peak”.

The Etruscan Influence

Intersecting gallery installations explore the ancient Etruscan civilization and its enduring impact on Western art.

Scenes from James Baldwin’s World

A new exhibition at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, curated by Makeda Best, celebrates and expands the conversation around James Baldwin’s life and career.

Animal-Shaped Vessels from the Ancient World: Feasting with Gods, Heroes, and Kings

In this video, curator Susanne Ebbinghaus introduces our new special exhibition.

Teresita Fernández Sculpture Transforms Harvard Yard

Internationally renowned artist Teresita Fernández brings her public installation Autumn (…Nothing Personal) to Harvard Yard this fall.

Japanese Folk Art in the United States: Yanagi Muneyoshi and Harvard

Yanagi Muneyoshi (1889–1961) introduced Japanese folk art to Harvard; eventually, his efforts helped the genre gain wider renown.

By Seung Yeon Sang

Borrowing an Original

As our Student Print Rental Collection continues to grow, so does students’ engagement with artists and original works of art.

Géricault’s Staying Power

An upcoming exhibition explores how the 19th-century French artist depicted—and critiqued—modern life.

Light Effects

A piece of equipment known as a microfader helps conservators test light sensitivity and gauge how long objects may be placed on view.

By Georgina Rayner