Renovation Update: Weathertight

November 26, 2012

Nearly three years into our renovation, we are fast approaching another key milestone. By mid-December, our new building will be “tight to weather,” meaning the interior will be enclosed and protected from the elements. Great care is being taken to cover and insulate all openings between the interior and exterior. One of the last steps in the process will be dismantling the tower crane in order to seal the highest roof deck.

The weathertight benchmark signals a new phase of construction when the focus of work will shift to building out the interior, including layout of MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing), drywall, flooring, and ceilings. Having an enclosed environment will ensure stable conditions for applying paint, joint sealants, and wood floorings, for example.

Last summer, when the building was not much more than a steel superstructure just beginning to take shape, this milestone seemed like a Herculean feat. But thanks to our contractor Skanska USA, our architects Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Payette Architects, and tireless members of our staff, the building continues to grow (literally) and take shape before our eyes.

See more images from the renovation on Flickr.

  • Photos: Peter Atkinson.
    of Photos: Peter Atkinson.
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