Giving Thanks

November 26, 2013
Luncheon for workers in the Harvard Art Museums Calderwood Courtyard. Photos: Antoinette Hocbo.

“Let’s eat!” a staff member called out last week to the more than 100 construction workers who’d been patiently waiting to take their seats in the Calderwood Courtyard for a special luncheon hosted by the Harvard Art Museums. As the very first event held in the space since we closed our facility for renovation, the lunch was a fitting way to celebrate the workers who have logged over 1,000,000 labor hours during our extensive building project.

As the light shone down through the museums’ glass roof, the workers feasted on beef bourguignon, chicken pot pie, vegetable lasagna, and Caesar salad, prepared by The Catered Affair. Construction in our building is not yet complete, so the catering company’s cooks and waitstaff donned hard hats and reflective vests while delivering food from the makeshift kitchen they’d set up in a nearby gallery. Harvard Art Museums Director Tom Lentz and Peter Atkinson, Director of Facilities Planning and Management, both spoke of the museums’ gratitude to the many individuals who have contributed to the transformation of our facility.

Jim Perkins, a carpenter steward for Essex Newbury North Contracting Corporation, who’s been working on-site since February 2010, says he’s looking forward to returning to the museums with his family when we reopen in fall 2014. And now he’ll be able to do so free of charge, thanks to the complimentary passes that were handed out at the event.

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