Closing Galleries before We Open Our Doors

May 15, 2013
Interior view of the Harvard Art Museums’ Quincy Street door. Photo: Zak Jensen.

One final New England winter stands between the closing of the current Arthur M. Sackler Museum galleries at the end of regular hours on June 1, and the opening of our renovated facility in the fall of 2014. Many seasons have passed since our construction project began, so it’s thrilling to have completion within such close reach. As we begin polishing the keys that will unlock our new doors, conservators are busy gilding frames, designers are putting the finishing touches on display cases, and construction workers are stuccoing walls.

During this exciting transition, keep an eye out for member events, such as our Day Trip in August to see modernist art in Maine, as well as our lecture series and other public programs that will resume this fall. You can also keep up to date with all the changes at the Harvard Art Museums through our multimedia magazine, Index, available in print and here on our website. And, as always, you can browse our collections online.

We hope to see you soon—both online and off.