The Social Museum Collection

Credits and Acknowledgments

The Social Museum collection is in existence today only because of the devoted stewardship of Barbara Norfleet, the longtime visionary curator of the photography collection of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, where the Social Museum material resided from the mid-1960s until 2002. Together with her assistant, Suzanne Greenberg, Norfleet provided access to the collection to students and scholars for more than thirty years.

Digital Imaging: Department of Digital Imaging and Visual Resources, Harvard Art Museums (Junius Beebe III, Katya Kallsen, and Allan Macintyre), or Harvard College Library Imaging Services, © 2012 President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Website Development: Jennifer Novak and Jeff Steward

Additional Acknowledgments: Jennifer Aubin, Mary Gallagher, Thomas W. Lentz, Daron Manoogian, Gillian McMullen, Patty O’Connell, Cheryl Pappas, Marsha Pomerantz, and David Sturtevant. Melissa Banta, Lana Z. Caplan, Holly Markovitz Goldstein, Katherine Howe, and Beth Pugliano accomplished the Herculean task of cataloguing the thousands of objects in the collection.

Special thanks to our Social Museum Collection Advisory Panel at Harvard: Melissa Banta, Curatorial Associate at the Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard University Library; Lizabeth Cohen, Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Department of History; Robin Kelsey, Shirley Carter Burden Professor of Photography, Department of History of Art and Architecture; and Katherine Martinez, formerly Herman and Joan Suit Librarian of the Fine Arts Library, Harvard College Library, and current Director, Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona Libraries.

The related exhibition, publication, symposium, and website were made possible through the generosity of the Widgeon Point Charitable Foundation. The Open Collections Program provided major support for the digitization of the Social Museum collection. This website is also made possible in part by generous support from the Emily Rauh Pulitzer and Joseph Pulitzer Jr. Fund for Modern and Contemporary Art, Harvard Art Museums.