Gordon Ward Gahan Collection

Credits & Acknowledgments

Gordon Ward Gahan

Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum

The Gordon Ward Gahan Collection exists through the generosity of Barbara and John R. Robinson, Gordon’s sister and brother-in-law, who gave the materials that compose the collection and supported its cataloguing and research, as well as the production of this website. They were also instrumental in procuring research materials and providing information and contacts for people who knew Gahan and his work. Because of them, a fuller understanding of Gahan’s life and photographic practice is possible.

Additional thanks are due to Greer Gilka, professor Steve Raymer, Ira Bloch, and Lilian Davidson, Gahan’s colleagues and friends who graciously shared their memories of Gahan and his work, and to professor Nick Mills, who patiently shared his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam and his firsthand knowledge of combat photography.

Special thanks go to the numerous people who have worked on the collection and this research site: David Sturtevant and the Department of Digital Imaging and Visual Resources for digitizing Gahan’s photographs; Jennifer Novak and Jeff Steward for overseeing the development, design, and technological parameters of the research site; Dawn Carelli, Cheryl Pappas, and Marsha Pomerantz for editing the site’s content; and Alexis Lenk for her assistance with the database records associated with the collection.

The content of this website was compiled and arranged by Beth Pugliano, curatorial assistant in the Division of Modern and Contemporary Art.