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Multiple Strategies: Beuys, Maciunas, Fluxus

Fri, 02/23/2007 - 19:00 -- wds
Multiple Strategies: Beuys, Maciunas, Fluxus
February 24, 2007—June 10, 2007 Busch-Reisinger Museum

Various Artists (George Maciunas, designer and editor), Flux Year Box 2, late 1960s, Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum.

Multiple Strategies stages a dialogue between the work of German artist Joseph Beuys and that of the international avant-garde group Fluxus, in particular its principal designer and impresario George Maciunas. Although their approaches were not necessarily compatible, both Beuys and Fluxus sought to erase the boundaries between art and life.

The production of multiples played a key role in these efforts, mediating between the creation of objects and a growing emphasis on artistic process and action unfolding in real time. Ignoring traditional aesthetic criteria and frequently emphasizing the observer’s direct participation, these works often demanded a radical reconsideration of the relationship between the object and its viewer. Organized thematically around a set of concerns common to both bodies of work, the exhibition examines the role of the printed or object multiple in these artists’ pursuit of an expanded notion of what art could and should be. Nearly 200 works, drawn from the significant holdings of Beuys and Fluxus in the permanent collections of the Busch-Reisinger Museum and the Fogg Museum respectively, are on display. Organized by Jacob Proctor, Ruth V S Lauer Curatorial Assistant, Print Department, Fogg Museum, and PhD candidate, History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University. A brochure accompanies this exhibition.