Installing Recent Acquisitions, Part III: Kerry James Marshall


The third and final exhibition in our Recent Acquisitions series is dedicated to a single piece: Untitled (1998/2007), by Kerry James Marshall. Don’t let the unassuming title fool you. The entire woodcut print, which comprises 12 8-foot-tall panels, presented quite the challenge for our exhibitions installation crew. Installers tested multiple configurations of the 50-foot-wide panorama before settling on the final presentation.

See the installation of this monumental work–and gain special appreciation for the hard work of our installers–in this time-lapse video.

Visit Recent Acquisitions, Part III: Kerry James Marshall at the Sackler Museum through December 29, 2012. And don’t miss Kerry James Marshall’s ArtisTalk tonight, October 24, at 6pm.

You can also read about how local artist Steve Locke approached his viewing of Untitled on his blog.


Antoinette Hocbo

Ogden, the installers tried several configurations of the panels, including one where they tried to fit all 12 on a single wall, but the wall was just 3/4" too short! If you see the installation in the galleries, it actually ended up working quite well. Unfortunately, the final shot of the video couldn't encompass the entire installation to show this. You'll just have to visit and see it for yourself!