Jörg Immendorff’s Untitled


In a 2006 interview, German artist Jörg Immendorff said that, with respect to painting, “composition, placement, and texture are what matter.” Immendorff, who was suffering from advanced stages of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), no longer made his work by hand. Instead, he created motifs that incorporated symbols and characters from his earlier work and images from the canon of art history, which his assistants assembled digitally, projected onto a canvas, and painted under his supervision. Untitled (2007), painted the year he died, depicts a palette covered in paint smudges and appropriated images, among them a skeleton from Vesalius’s sixteenth-century De humani corporis fabrica.

Untitled is part of the exhibition Recent Acquisitions, Part II: Building the Collection on view through September 29.

Image: Jörg Immendorff, Untitled, 2007, Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum.