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You may have noticed that this is one of a number of enhancements we’ve made to our site. Some are small (we refreshed the design). Others you can’t even see (we converted to Drupal). One enhancement we’re really excited about is our improved collection search tool.

Here are a few of its new features:

Refined Search Interface

We whittled down our main search fields based on the most frequently used searched categories: Keyword, Artist, and Title. (Advanced Search is available for those who want to start with a finer-detailed search.) After an initial broad search, users have the ability to refine their search criteria. In this example search, I searched for works by Rembrandt and refined it to display works that are currently on view. From there, I can further refine my results to just display prints by selecting “print” under the “Classification” heading.

More Detailed Detail Pages

On object detail pages, we’re exposing additional data to provide a more detailed history of the objects and improve searching. This includes access to larger object images, related objects, alternate/former object titles, previous artist attributions, and more. Artist names are now linked to make it even easier to find other works by that person. See Sargent’s Breakfast Table for some of these additional features. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get to the information you’re looking for.

User Accounts

Are you using our collection search as a research tool? You can now set up user accounts to save your searches and lightboxes. So, feel free to go on that 30 minute coffee break.  We’ll keep your research saved just as you left it.

So what do you think of the new site enhancements? We’d love to hear your thoughts.



Alvin, we recognize the need to make programs, such as lectures, accessible to those not able to attend. While we are currently unable to record lectures at the Sackler Museum as our time and resources are dedicated to our renovation and expansion project, our state-of-the-art museum facility opening in fall 2014 will be fully equipped so that we can offer our programming online.

Stephen Wight

I just received "Index - Spring 2013." I like the big format. But I don't like the little images. It looks like you've decided on a modern look. Which is fine. But visually it gives the impression you don't have much in your collections. Which is NOT true. Your collections are rich and deep. Show the images larger. And show more. Thank you.

Stephen, thank you for your feedback on our new magazine. We will consider all of the feedback we’ve received on this first issue, while we work on the next edition coming this summer. The magazine is just a sampling of the many activities at the Harvard Art Museums and we hope this publication drives readers to our website which offers more robust content (and bigger images!), especially when we launch the digital version of the magazine this summer. Stay tuned!