London is not the only place where Olympic strength and agility is being flaunted. Yesterday, we were delightfully amused to see our Twitter feed flooding with messages from museums across the country boasting their most competition-ready art and artists for the Museum Olympics. Unfortunately, our athlete couldn’t compete because he wouldn’t get out of bed. We highly recommend searching #MuseumOlympics for endless entertainment. (Yes, the conversation is still going.)

Here are some of our favorite tweets:

@RubinMuseum: This 15th Century Seated Lama has the Bronze, Silver, and Gold - literally! #MuseumOlympics

@TheWadsworth: No medal for this rowing team. #museumolympics

@folkartmuseum: Why isn’t tree climbing an officially recognized Olympic event? #MuseumOlympics

@MASS_MoCA: Fernandez will scoop up the gold medal in archery – he’s been shooting all over our galleries! #MuseumOlympics

@MorganLibrary: Against all odds, the chubby little putto comes into the lead #MuseumOlympics #eatputtodust

Who would you send to the Museum Olympics?

Image: Edward Steichen, Holm and Madison, Olympic Swimmers [for Vanity Fair], c. 1930, Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum.