ArtisTalk: Katharina Sieverding


On December 4, internationally acclaimed German artist Katharina Sieverding treated the public to an illustrated talk chronicling her career from the 1960s to the present.

Here’s what we learned: While at the Dusseldorf Art Academy, where she studied under Joseph Beuys, Sieverding sought to establish herself as a female sculptor. But it wasn’t until Sieverding turned to photography—sparked by the political unrest of late 1960s—that she found her medium. Sieverding uses large-format photographs, extreme close-ups, and video projections to address the relationship of the individual to society, often engaging in discourse outside the space of the gallery. In her most recent work, Sieverding continues to expand her artistic practice by using analog and digital projections and exploring new subject matters, including biological and medical themes.

View images from Katharina Sieverding’s ArtisTalk on Flickr.

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Photos: Harvard Art Museums