ArtisTalk: Ann Hamilton


On April 3, the public filled the Sackler Museum lecture hall to hear installation artist Ann Hamilton discuss her recent works and performances.

To witness an Ann Hamilton installation is a multisensory experience, in which visitors are often encouraged to participate in interwoven complex environments. Her recent installation, the event of a thread, at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, for instance, invites visitors to swing on suspended wood planks, listen to voices over a radio, see a writer translating thoughts onto paper, and meditate to the rise and fall of a white curtain, coaxed by the motions around it.

Hamilton guided us through her body of work, which is informed by her interest in making the intangible tangible. In her talk she described one performance piece in which she used a hot stylus to singe the writing off of a piece of paper, transforming the words (language) into smoke. In another, a singer’s voice was recorded using blue thread, leaving an artifact of the singer’s communication.

After Hamiton’s talk, associate curator Mary Schneider Enriquez joined Hamilton on stage to further discuss her artistic practice and welcomed questions from the audience. This engaging evening left us excited for the next chance to hear a contemporary artist talk about their work.

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See images from the event on Flickr.

Photos: Erin Webb