A Bridle Path in Tahiti

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American (New York, NY 1835 - 1910 Providence, RI)
A Bridle Path in Tahiti, c. 1900
Former Title: Bridle-Path, Tahiti
19th-20th century
Gouache and watercolor over graphite on off-white wove paper mounted on cardboard
48 x 51.8 cm (18 7/8 x 20 3/8 in.)
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of Edward D. Bettens to the Louise E. Bettens Fund
, 1917.4
exhibition label: [1987], backing board, paper: No. 85
exhibition label: [1945], backing board, paper: No. L53-45
exhibition label: [1946], backing board, paper: No. 2432.46
exhibition label: [1936], backing board, paper: No. 327.36.
label: [1936], backing board, paper: [partial exhibition label:] Special Loan Exhibition: La Farge Memorial
Purchased by Doll and Richards (from artist?), Boston, 1901; purchased by Dr. Alexander C. Humphreys, New York, by 1907; his estate sale, American Art Association, New York, 1917; purchased at that sale by Edward D. Bettens, Cambridge, MA.
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