A Study for Christ for ‘The Elevation of the Cross’

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Flemish (Siegen, Westphalia 1577 - 1640 Antwerp, Belgium)
A Study for Christ for ‘The Elevation of the Cross’, 1609-1610
17th century
Black and white chalk and charcoal on light gray antique laid paper discolored to tan
40.3 x 29.8 cm (15 7/8 x 11 3/4 in.)
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of Meta and Paul J. Sachs
, 1949.3
collector's mark: verso, lower left, blue ink, stamp: L. 1442 (Joseph Daniel Böhm)
stamp: former mat, in curatorial file, black ink, stamp, French: [circular stamp with text in the center and around the circumference] [circumference] BECKETTE PART[illegible] GARE ST LAZARE [center, illegible]
watermark: Fragment of a horn
Possibly Jacob de Wit, Amsterdam, sold; [Amsterdam, De Leth and Schorrenbergh 10-11 March 1755, possibly Book C, lots 21-27]. Simon Fokke, Amsterdam, sold; [Amsterdam, Van der Schley et al., 6 December 1784, kb E, lot 401.] Dirk Versteegh, Amsterdam, sold; [De Vries et al., Amsterdam, 3 November 1823, lot 35 or lot 37]; to Samuel Woodburn (if lot 35) or De Ruiter (if lot 37). Joseph Daniel Böhm, Vienna (L. 1442, verso, lower left), sold; [Vienna, Alexander Posonyi, 4 December 1865, lot 1416], sold; to Posonyi. Werner Weisbach, Berlin. [Goudstikker, Amsterdam], sold; to Meta and Paul J. Sachs (L. 2091, without his mark), Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1922; Gift of Meta and Paul J. Sachs, 1949.3.
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