Dekadrachm of Akragas

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Dekadrachm of Akragas, c. 409 BCE-406 BCE
5th century BCE
Classical period, High
Creation Place: Akragas (Sicily)
43.31 g
Seltman, NC 1948 8a (this coin)
Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Loan from the Trustees of the Arthur Stone Dewing Greek Numismatic Foundation
, 1.1965.562
Department of Ancient and Byzantine Art & Numismatics
Obv.: Quadriga to l. driven by river-god Akragas or Helios? Below, crab; above, eagle of Zeus carrying snake; linear border; die scratches visible to upper l.
Rev.: Two eagles standing l.; to r., grasshopper.
Baron Pasquale Pennisi di Floristella acquired the coin in Sicily most likely, and before 1865, since it was published by Antonio Salinas, Le monete delle antiche citta di Sicilia (Palermo 1867), pl.8,6. His grand-son Salvatore Pennisi sold it to Jacob Hirsch in 1937 or early 1938, who sold it to Arthur S. Dewing on January 13, 1945 (Carolyne's birthday).