Director’s Office


Thomas W. Lentz, Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot Director
Maureen Donovan, Deputy Director
Dana Greenidge, Projects and Programs Manager
Porter Mansfield, Assistant to the Director for Administration
Melissa Mooney, Transition Project Manager
Michael Ricca, Administrative Coordinator for the Deputy Director’s Office

Curatorial Divisions

Deborah Martin Kao, Chief Curator
Michael T. Dumas, Assistant to the Chief Curator
Susan M. Dackerman, Head of Student Affairs

Division of Asian and Mediterranean Art

Susanne Ebbinghaus, Head, Division of Asian and Mediterranean Art, and George M.A. Hanfmann Curator of Ancient Art
Lisa Anderson, Frederick Randolph Grace Assistant Curator of Ancient Art
Carmen Arnold-Biucchi, Damarete Curator of Ancient Coins
Amy Brauer, Diane Heath Beever Curator of the Collection
Henry Colburn, Ancient Fellow
Monique Goodin, Staff Assistant
Mary McWilliams, Norma Jean Calderwood Curator of Islamic and Later Indian Art
Melissa A. Moy, Alan J. Dworsky Associate Curator of Chinese Art
Quintana Heathman, Fellow in Japanese Art
Lea Park, Curatorial Staff Assistant for East Asian Art
Stephanie E. Rozman, Calderwood Curatorial Fellow
Yan Yang, Curatorial Assistant for the Collection
Ayşin Yoltar-Yıldırım, Assistant Curator for Islamic and Later Indian Art

Division of European and American Art

Stephan Wolohojian, Head, Division of European and American Art, and Landon and Lavinia Clay Curator
Danielle Carrabino, Cunningham Curatorial Research Associate
Tara Cerretani, Staff Assistant
Alvin L. Clark Jr., Jeffrey E. Horvitz Research Curator
Susan M. Dackerman, Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Curator of Prints
Ethan Lasser, Margaret S. Winthrop Associate Curator of American Art
William W. Robinson, Maida and George Abrams Curator of Drawings
Elizabeth Rudy, Cunningham Assistant Curator of European Art
Theodore E. Stebbins Jr., Consultative Curator of American Art
Miriam Stewart, Curator of the Collection

Division of Modern and Contemporary Art

Deborah Martin Kao, Acting Head, Division of Modern and Contemporary Art, and Richard L. Menschel Curator of Photography
Michael T. Dumas, Staff Assistant, Specialist
Jessica Ficken, Curatorial Assistant for the Collection
Sarah Kianovsky, Curator of the Collection
Lynette Roth, Daimler-Benz Associate Curator of the Busch-Reisinger Museum
Mary Schneider Enriquez, Houghton Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Division of Academic and Public Programs


Jessica Levin Martinez, Head, Division of Academic and Public Programs
Francesca Bewer, Research Curator for Conservation and Technical Studies Programs
Dana Ciccotello, Staff Assistant
Laura Muir, Research Curator for Academic and Public Programs
Erin Northington, Student Outreach and Programs Coordinator
David Odo, Director of Student Programs and Research Curator for University Collections Initiatives
Corinne Zimmermann, Senior Museum Educator

Research Centers

Archaeological Exploration of Sardis

Bahadir Yildirim, Expedition Administrator
Theresa Huntsman, Publications Data Manager
Katherine Kiefer, Editor of Publications
Robin Woodman, Coordinator

Center for the Technical Study of Modern Art

Carol Mancusi-Ungaro, Director
Christina Rosenberger, Research Coordinator

Harvard Art Museums Archives

Megan Schwenke, Acting Archivist, Records Manager
Brooke McManus, Archives Assistant

Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies

Henry Lie, Director and Conservator of Objects and Sculpture
Dina Anchin, Paintings Conservation Fellow
Angela Chang, Assistant Director and Conservator of Objects and Sculpture
Susan Costello, Projects Conservator in the Objects Lab
Anne Driesse, Conservator of Works of Art on Paper
Katherine Eremin, Patricia Cornwell Conservation Scientist
Teri Hensick, Conservator of Paintings
Allison Jackson, Project Conservator
Charlotte Karney, Senior Conservation Technician
Kathleen Kennelly, Conservation Administrator
Narayan Khandekar, Senior Conservation Scientist
Daniel Kirby, Associate in Conservation Science
Penley Knipe, Philip and Lynn Straus Conservator of Works of Art on Paper
Nicole Ledoux, Samuel H. Kress Objects Conservation Fellow
Barbara Owens, Conservation Technician
Georgina Rayner, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Conservation Science
Tony Sigel, Conservator of Objects and Sculpture
Kate Smith, Project Paintings Conservator
Jens Stenger, Associate Conservation Scientist

Administrative Departments

Collections Management

Jennifer Allen, Director of Collections Management
Sara Bisi, Collections Management Coordinator
Jessie Carlton, Collections Assistant
Jill Comer, Exhibit Assistant-Specialist
Jessica Diedalis, Curricular Registrar
Francine Flynn, Registrar for Exhibitions and Loans
Karen Gausch, Exhibitions Production Manager
David Glaser, Museum Installer/Art Handler
Diane Kearney, Study Center Logistics Coordinator
Anna Kovacs, Collections Manager
Nicole Linderman-Moss, Assistant Registrar and Manager of University Loans and Portraits
Mary Lister, Study Center Manager and Project Manager for Collections Installation
Sean Lunsford, Collections Specialist
Karoline Mansur, Assistant Registrar
Don McPhee, Collections Care Specialist-Move Technician
Steve Mikulka, Preparator/ Art Handler
Chris Minot, Museum Installer/Art Handler
Kathryn Press, Associate Registrar for Collections
Emilie Puttrich, Collections Care Specialist-Move Technician
Jon Roll, Senior Collections Specialist
Peter Schilling, Senior Exhibitions Specialist
Carrie Van Horn, Assistant Registrar for Exhibitions and Loans

Communications Division

Daron Manoogian, Director of Communications
Lauren Marshall, Associate Director of Communications
Becca Torres, Communications Staff Assistant

becky_hunt [at] harvard [dot] edu (Design)

Steven Waldron, Creative Director
Alvin Benjamin Carter III, Website and Multimedia Coordinator
Becky Hunt, Graphic Designer/Publications Coordinator
Zak Jensen, Senior Designer
Jim Meegan, Videographer
Adam Sherkanowski, Graphic Designer

cheryl_pappas [at] harvard [dot] edu (Editorial)

Micah Buis, Managing Editor
Cheryl Pappas, Editor
Katie Aberbach, Marketing and Communications Writer

antoinette_hocbo [at] harvard [dot] edu (Public Relations and Marketing)

Jennifer Aubin, Public Relations Manager
Antoinette Hocbo, Marketing Coordinator

Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology

Jeff Steward, Director of Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology
Ian Callahan, Technology Support Specialist
Chris Gerber, Associate Director of Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology
Jason Koczela, Information Systems Specialist II
Alexis Lenk, Collections Information and Database Specialist
Julie Swierczek, Digital Archivist
Ming Tu, Technology Fellow

artmuseumsimages [at] harvard [dot] edu (Digital Imaging and Visual Resources)

Isabella Donadio, Permissions and Image Research Coordinator
Katya Kallsen, Museum Fine Art Photographer
Natalja Kent, Museum Fine Art Photographer
Katie Kujala, Post Production Developer

Facilities Planning and Management

Peter Atkinson, Director of Facilities Planning and Management
Al Correia, Head Custodian
Paul Correia, Maintenance Technician
Mark Cosgrove, Building Superintendent
Michael Eigen, Assistant Facilities Manager
Dennis Lesse, Maintenance Technician
Heidi Forbes, Office Assistant
James Moisson, Facilities Manager
William Stanton IV, Fellow
Jean Vallon, Staff Assistant



Stephanie Schilling, Director of Budget and Finance
Sergey Gleykin, Payroll Administrator
Evelyne Reyes, Financial Assistant
Marsy Sumner, Financial Operations Manager

Human Resources


Amina Hussain, Senior Human Resources Consultant
Marjorie Augenbraum, Senior Human Resources Consultant
Hannah Protzman, Human Resources Coordinator

Institutional Advancement


Thomas Woodward, Director of Institutional Advancement
Allison Frymoyer, Administrative Assistant
Jeannie Ingram, Associate Director of Fellows and Membership
Lila Kanner, Associate Director of Institutional Advancement, Major Gifts
Rosa Lau, Development Systems Specialist
Sara Lischynsky, Administrative Assistant
Laurie Rebac, Gift Processing Coordinator
Ann Starnbach, Director of Fellows and Membership
Erin Webb, Coordinator of Fellows and Membership



Michael Kirchner, Director of Safety and Security
Nilton Barbosa, Security Manager
Mick Cusimano, Mailroom Group Leader
Kevin Gallagher, Mail Clerk
Joy Le Page, Security Manager
Christopher Provan, Security Manager
Ansis Purins, Mail Clerk
Tyrone Smith, Security Manager
Dominic Spartichino, Property Operations Assistant
Robert Zeiller, Security Manager

Visitor Services

617-495-9400 (main)
617-495-1275 (facilities rentals)

Sanja Cvjeticanin, Director of Visitor Services and Facilities Rentals Coordinator
Lisa Dockstader, Staff Assistant
Mark Lindsay, Visitor Services Supervisor Specialist